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Volunteer Bulgaria is a recently founded organization established on June 1st, 2006.

Our team consists of young people with different professional and social backgrounds who are highly motivated to make our lives better and more colorful so that more dreams come true.

Our Goals:

  • To inspire and motivate today’s young people to initiate and take part in a vast range of voluntary activities
  • To bring together young people with different social backgrounds so that they make friends and learn to cooperate better while they communicate and work in a team
  • To help young people develop their personal, social and leadership skills through training, practice and experience sharing
  • To create in the young people a desire for a life in harmony with one another and with nature.

We achieve our goals through:

  • Celebrating of international days that promote service activities/volunteering and sustainable development
  • Providing young people decided to organize themselves voluntary activities with relevant information and ideas
  • Conducting leadership as well as project management training programs